Source: Patients Rights Action Fund

Dr. Rebecca Thoman, a representative of Compassion & Choices and not a Massachusetts resident, recently responded to my column in which I urged rejection of doctor-prescribed suicide. Her column helped make my point that those who support doctor-prescribed suicide use euphemistic deception by calling doctor-prescribed suicide “medical aid in dying.”

When a doctor prescribes a lethal drug for the purpose of the patient ending his life, that is assisted suicide. Incredibly, Dr. Thoman furthers the deception by stating that physician-assisted suicide is illegal in every state. Deception is a form of lying. Some lies are banal but this is an audacious lie. All one has to do is Google the question: “What states have legalized physician-assisted suicide?” The response will be Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Montana and California. Now Massachusetts is in the crosshairs of the suicide lobby.

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